Thursday, June 6, 2013

In unity there is strength

We have already heard this one before and still people tend to forget about it when it comes to really apply it to their lives. You have heard about the voices of separation from various small ethnicities to go their own way. This is not because of not believing in Unity but because the majority group ignores the rights of their minorities for such a long time that it creates this atmosphere that they would rather go it alone than to stay in a situation where even if there is unity it is forced upon them. When some people are united for something the enemy has to think twice before creating some sort of mischievousness and they may try to create division among the different people break up this unity. You may have also heard about strength in numbers and that is what exactly I am talking about here. It is also in regard to the voices being heard about how to secede from the U.S. some states like Texas at the top which the proponents argue will be able to have more say in their affairs. But again the argument goes, if they remain in the Union, there are more benefits than to go their separate ways and unlike some other separatist movements around the world who may or may not have grounds to secede due to the injustices rendered to ethnic minorities, every state in the union enjoys right not guaranteed to these minorities. So before you go your separate ways, think about how you can stay together to reap the benefits of unity.

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