Thursday, June 6, 2013

The lack of communication between management and the lower staff

I have been in the corporate world too long to see that there is a lack of communications between management and the rank and file staff when it comes to decision making. Even when it involves your own department the rank and file is kept in the dark until the last minute and then boom the decision is thrust onto them to implement what the management has set out for you. I can understand sometimes that you are in the planning stages for some strategic decision making and you do not know the outcome and you may not want to involve your staff lest the deal falls through, but I have seen that even decisions of less important value is shoved into the rank and file without any kind of mental preparedness. Even the input of the lower staff is not taken into consideration sometimes. I can understand that if a company is huge and you cannot have a face to face meeting with hundreds of staff members, but even having 10 to 15 people are enough for the management to avoid having that meeting lest some kind of resistance or questions arise regarding the proposed decision. Maybe it is because they don’t trust the lower staff, or they don’t want to bother us for important decisions or they don’t think that we are in a position to know important stuff or it is just the style of management that is being practiced across the corporate world, whatever the reason for the management for not involving their staff on the decision affecting them directly. It will be nice and courteous to let the lower staff know in the decision affecting them so that they know where they stand in the company. A simple gesture like this seems to be one of the incentives of the appreciativeness and acknowledgment of the lower staff's effort in contributing their share for the company's success.

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