Friday, June 7, 2013

Refuge behind the Religion

I have been for a quite a while trying to find time to write about this topic but due to other topics coming more currently, I kept on postponing it for an appropriate time and I know that this topic will be appropriate for any time. It is about how the people of a religion justify their actions based on their interpretation of their holy books. It is now being used increasingly in the Muslim world where there are so many interpretations of the holy book and the life of the Prophet that you don’t feel like they are on the same page on the religion. The latest twist that have come recently are the justification of suicide bombers which is as usual not the invention of the Muslims but I believe (and I can be wrong) started long time ago with the Japanese Hari-kari suicide pilots of the world war II and then the Sri Lankan Tamils came along to give it a boost and it may predate that one too but that is what the modern version started with the Muslims taking increasing role in this method. The logic behind the suicide bombers is that since the suicide bombers have less fire power than the enemy, this is the only way to retaliate and if the innocents die than that is their fault. But again although the Muslims are using the holy book of theirs to justify this insane method of killing themselves they are invoking the name of GOD and brain washing people into people that it is a noble way to enter heaven and enjoy the bounties that accompany with being in heaven. The sad part is that Muslims increasingly believe in this narrative without trying to educate themselves about this.

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