Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Chicago, Illinois-6

Well we thought that the final day of the wedding would be quiet since it was at night but no my cousin whose daughter lives in a suburb of Chicago invited us to have pizza at her house and again new area means we never reach there on time. But after eating pizza, we went back to the hotel to take a rest and start preparation for the final wedding ceremony and in this case the suit, shirt and tie that I brought it from Macys® in an emergency came in handy (that was the purpose anyway) and after getting prepared, we went to the reception hall. This was easy as it was just on the first floor of the hotel in which we were staying. The Bride groom party came late as they were not also from the Chicago area and they I believe got lost on their way or were just running late, whatever was the reason, they finally came and then the dinner started. Then during the dinner, the brides and grooms family and friends had to take individual pictures with the groom and bride and then a cake was cut and given to all the people at the reception. After only the family members remain to see off the bride and bridegroom on their next phase of their lives and wish them well and happy and prosper. Teary eyes along with smile sent them off. And we went to the hotel room again since we had to start early in the morning for the journey back to New Jersey.

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