Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Chicago, Illinois-4

After finding the suit that fitted me and the shirt, tie and socks, we proceeded to the checkout counter and there I was shocked to see that I got charged 8.75 percent sales tax on clothing. As you already know that I am from New Jersey and despite all the jokes about it (and some notoriety) about how the highest insurance and property taxes in the country, it still does not charge any taxes on clothing and shoes and also the gas prices are one of the lowest in the country and at this time, I missed New Jersey a lot. I cannot understand that after charging so many taxes on everything where does the money go? As one of the worst states to pay their vendors last and a big hole in their budget deficit, where does all this sales taxes goes is beyond me. At New Jersey if they don’t charge sales taxes and low gas taxes, we can say that they will have budget deficit but why is the case with Illinois and where does all this money goes is a big mystery (even if they explain it to me). Well as they say that is life when you screw up and have to last minute emergency shopping and get penalized heavily. We paid the cashier and went back to our hotel room and started preparing for the reception dinner for my niece's in laws who were coming for a informal get together at a relative's place. After reaching the reception wedding at the residence, I met up with my mother and was happy to see that her fractured arm was recovering but not as fast as I was expecting. We just chatted among the relatives and the soon to be in laws of my niece's and had nice dinner and then went home since we had to get up in the morning for the official religious ceremony which was rather small.

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