Thursday, June 27, 2013

Government surveillance

Which was supposed to be a secret but was not came finally out that the U.S. government conducts surveillance over its citizens and international countries. Now is that surprising? We have known this for long that some spying was going on and what country on earth does not spy on its citizens and also wants to know what their rivals are doing in terms of military capabilities, espionage and harmful activities. In this day and age, even the best flourishing democracies do surveillance and it would be rather impossible for them to stop it. And this espionage has been going on forever in history. If you recall that in World War II, German were spying and also the U.S, British and other nations were spying on each other to gain upper hand in the war. And before that if you were not using technology, you were using human spies to get vital information from the enemies. Now with threats to a nation's security and well being increasing each day not be nations but by rouge and terrorist organizations who are increasingly relying on technology to communicate with their recruits, this news should not come as a shocker that despite needing a warrant to tap somebody's phone or listen to the conversation, the government is spying on its citizens in the name of security. I know it is not right for the governments to spy on their citizens and other countries but that is the new reality and even if we protest vehemently, we can never finish off this surveillance because we don’t know if we are being spied on or being monitored.

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