Thursday, June 27, 2013

Different cultures, different work ethics

You see you cannot assume that all the cultures have the same work ethics as that of the United States. We know that all countries want to work hard and strive for economic prosperity but they want to achieve it in a different way that reflects their cultural and traditional ways and not be imposed from outside. For example the U.S. and some other developed countries have stringent rules regarding bribery in obtaining trade contracts in many countries but it is acceptable and expected in some countries where they don’t see it as bribe and the trade seeking businesses also see as cost of business. It maybe called some other thing but it is definitely expected if you want to get that contract or you are left out. I am not condoning bribery but I am saying that if you want to do business in other countries. Same thing goes for the pace of work that goes on different countries. Whereas in the U.S. we want to close a deal as soon as possible, other countries may take their own sweet time and time may not be essence in their cases. Same thing goes on with greeting when you are in a business meeting since some cultures mix both business and other non-business activities together. Then there is the matter of timing and it is sometimes usual that the parties in other countries come late to work and leave early frustrating even the most patient people who are used to being on time. So before you jump to the conclusion that every works like the Americans, you need to travel to some of the countries to find out how they do business.

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