Thursday, June 27, 2013

The Film Critics are not always right

Well I was reading some critics bashing a film and I started to think that some of the most successful films have some critics bashing them for not being that great and you know what the viewers than go out and decide if that is true. The film critics sometimes are on the spot when they pane a movie so much that people stay away or agree with them and there are so movies, usually a good number of horror movies which the critics don’t like for a variety of reasons like too much violence, no originality, weak acting and then those movies make a bunch load of money because the viewers are the ultimate critics since they are the one who have to pay with their wallets to watch the movie. So does this mean that the viewers are the best critics? No but by a long chance but give them credit for ignoring flaws in some movies and making it successful. I have watched many movies and I admit that I am not a critic since some of the movies endorsed by critics did not make much sense to me and some which is not liked by any critic makes an enjoyable fare to watch. Movie watching experience is somewhat depends upon an individual's mood at the time of watching a movie and sometimes it depends upon the critics and their peers review and recommendations but mostly the synopsis that you read about the movie makes for the bulk of what to watch. Sometimes the critics are right and sometimes they are wrong as they are all human beings and they can sometimes misinterpret a commercial success of a movie. So rely on your own mood and instinct and give a small percentage to the critics review sometimes because you are the paying to watch a movie not them it is just their job.

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