Tuesday, June 18, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Chicago, Illinois-2

I love driving but it was the first time that I drove during the night and although there is less traffic (except for a few tractor trailers), it was dark outside. My car tank was full so I need not have to worry about it for a while. Along the way, I had to pass through Pennsylvania, Ohio, and Indiana and then reach Illinois. It was all through Route Interstate 80 (I-80) straight to Illinois. Driving the occasionally lonely roads was my radio, since my family went to sleep right away. Stopping by to get gas and some coffee, we occasionally encountered short length of fog which I had to slow down the car to see what is in front of me. The pleasant surprise I encountered was that after Pennsylvania, I-80 speed limit became 70 with occasional slowdowns in between due to constructions of the roads along the way. The speed limit was decent enough for me to drive as I was not about to risk going beyond it in unfamiliar states. Since I am from New Jersey where the gas is cheap, I encountered various rates of gas depending upon which state I was in. After Pennsylvania, the rate of gas started to go up and I was not happy about it culminating in Illinois where the rate was a dollar more per gallon than in New Jersey. Anyway I had to take gas as it sometimes became too low for comfort and the rest areas became few and far between. Along the journey I saw vast areas of land empty with occasional farmlands with livestock on it.

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