Wednesday, June 5, 2013

The case of curious silence in Pakistan-2

Just how many people Pakistan have to sacrifice before the nation realizes that they have to fight them instead of being enchanted by the slogans of Islam which will not provide them security, food on the table and lights in the houses? If slogans were merely enough then Pakistan would have been the sole superpower as they are an expert in raising slogans without doing anything to improve their lives. People are getting killed in bombs and terrorists attacks and if somebody tries to help them than the question of sovereignty rears its head as if the killing of few hundred or thousand people does not matter to them and only thing that matters is the hatred of the U.S. What about the innocent lives being lost to bombs, terrorists’ attacks and killings that go unabated? Are their lives useless as compared to lives lost to drones and how do we know how many innocents are killed since the Taliban surround the area where the drones are targeted. Very few citizens of Pakistan has ever ventured in those lawless areas so they don’t have any idea what is going on and how many people (innocent and otherwise) are getting killed by Drones. There has been no survey how it impacts the lives of the people living in that area and how much it is beneficial or not to them. All these sovereignty slogans are being raised by those who do not know what is going on and who are just sitting in their living rooms making the figures up provided by the Taliban themselves or by the international news media. They are more concerned by these attacks then by the suicide bombers blowing themselves up in the name of the religion which they have failed to understand. It is the collective failure of the Pakistani nation to come to grips with these attacks and the easier way is to blame the drones for all their troubles. The silence of the Pakistani nation in this regard is troubling and unless it takes control of what is happening in their territory, these attacks will continue for the foreseeable future.

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