Thursday, June 20, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Chicago, Illinois-8

Since after eating so much good food, we were stuffed so we decided to take a stroll before leaving and headed to a dollar store nearby. It had lots of stuff and so we took some junk food for the road and some for our house and then headed back to the car. Since I was going to drive the most way and I had slept but not enough I started the journey excitedly so that my family could rest along the way. After hitting some weekday traffic, we hit the I-80 east towards Indiana, Ohio and Pennsylvania and towards New Jersey. As usual we stopped (mostly I) stopped at the rest areas to get the tank filled and get some coffee. Since I am from New Jersey, one of the two states where it is unlawful to pump your own gas, I had a good experience with pumping my gas in Illinois, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Indiana. I am sure in other countries, there will be a mix of pumping your own gas or have employee of the gas station pump it for you. I prefer a mix of both so that the people have choice between the two. Anyway pumping gas is not fun when you see your credit card get charged by the second. I got some regular coffee along the way and after a long drive, my wife took over for about two hours so that I could rest. But I slept little during that time so when took over it was okay but as the home became nearer, I had a bout of heavy sleepiness which I tried to shake off me (not good) but ultimately we reached home at about 2.30 A.M. in the morning and went straight to bed thankfully reaching safely. I don’t know if I will do another long trip again but if I ever did I will surely break it into half so that I can get a good rest before resuming my journey.

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