Saturday, June 29, 2013

Religion is a personal matter

I have been writing about religion and how it is being used wrongly and by personal interpretation of the scripture for their own needs good or evil. And really apart from the United States and some other secular countries, most of the countries try to impose the majority views (even if they are in the wrong) of religion on minorities. This religious tool of the government becomes a kind of propaganda and terror tool to harass the minorities and anybody who does not agree with the state view of religion. It is this state imposition along with the propaganda that is creating so much tension in many countries of the world. I really hate the fact somebody may try to impose their religious views on me as I don’t impose it on them. I really try to avoid all sorts of religions conversations with my friends, family members and anybody who I have known for a long time as religion is a very sensitive subject and you don’t want to get into an argument that may result in hurting somebody's religious beliefs. There are some states who just want cohesion in the name of religion and they try to see the other way while their majority uses violence to either convert the rest of the minority or just kill them. And this I don’t understand. Why is a state and the majority feel so afraid of the minority religion that they become intolerable which is completely opposite to what the religion preaches (whichever religion that be). Religion should be a personal matter and nobody should impose their views and if they are so intolerable about it than they should facilitate the migration of the minorities to countries where this hypocrisy not practiced or preached.

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