Friday, June 7, 2013

Refuge behind the Religion-3

I am not saying that all Muslims are bad but my point is that there have been some self styled leaders and cleric who think that they have the right or the knowledge to interpret what is written and said in the Holy Book and then they brain wash people to believe that they should follow them. And since the Muslims are sleeping or reluctant to challenge these interpretations, they go along with these misinterpreted narrations. Even when someone thinks that the interpretations are wrong, they are reluctant to present or challenge these notions because they are afraid of being ostracized or worse face life threats because there seems to be no space for dissent or another version of the writings. The so called silent majority is going along with the vocal minority and even if the majority thinks that some act of the minority is not wrong, they keep quiet giving an impression that they condone these acts by certain individuals. Besides being highly ineffective, corruption, inflexible and lack of research and reaching of any kind of consensus have hampered the development of the Muslim world. I know that people will say that why pick on Muslim world and not others who do the same logic and find refuge behind their religion to justify their actions. And I agree with them but the Muslims are the most vocal ones who not only advocate violence against non Muslims also Muslims who don’t agree with their version of Islam and if you don’t believe in their version, instead of reasoning with the opposition, the only solution they find is the silence their critics by killing them.

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