Thursday, June 6, 2013

The hypocrites that we are

Oh yes, we all are guilty of this sin. There is nobody out there I believe can say with certainty and surety that he is not a hypocrite. Sometimes we do it without knowing about it and sometimes we do it on purpose because we are all human beings. Preaching something and then doing opposite to it can lead to this kind of sin. But is it sin or just omission that we do it? I don’t know but I as well as the rest of humanity have been doing this for as long as you or I can remember. We teach our kids not to lie or cheat but in the same instant do the same and if our kids say why we did it, we make excuses which confuse the young minds more. And even among our politicians the most trusted of the lot elected to serve the public honestly engage in this from time to time. Can we get rid of this sin that we have become afflicted it from time to time. It is hard because if we preach something, you never know what can come in the future to negate our preaching and then we will have to say something that is opposite to what we were preaching based on the current circumstances. And you know sometimes we do feel that we like being a hypocrite because it is easy to preach than to practice the stuff. Practicing the good stuff is always hard and preaching is just that and you get to feel good about yourself that people think that you are a good person. So there is no escaping the hypocrisy in our lives.

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