Wednesday, June 19, 2013

On the lighter side-Travel-Chicago, Illinois-5

The next in a simple ceremony my niece got wed in Muslim religious center and treats and congratulations got traded and then we had a small lunch because in the evening we had a playful ceremony (can't describe how it can be called in English but I will try to explain) which has nothing to do with religion and everything to do with having fun in a decent way (you can call it a combined bachelor/bachelorette party). As I was in a strange city and my GPS was acting up, we got lost on the way to the venue of the party but luckily it was not off the mark and we reached there on time before the guests started to arrive. I had a glass of coke and just settled down in my chair for a few minutes before the arrival of the soon to be groom's party. The men were lined up with garlands to be put on the groom's family and the women were there with loose rose petals to shower over them. The DJ was playing different songs and the music was not loud enough to drown your conversation if you happen to have one. And then the groom party came attired in traditional dress and garlands were given to them and rose petals thrown over them. After they sat, it was time for some dancing and entertainment along with some dessert and coffee. One of the ladies danced a classical dance of the sub continent and was enthusiastically clapped at the end of it. Gifts were exchanged and we head back to the hotel but as our GPS was acting up, we got lost on the streets of a small town near Streamwood, IL. After several turns, we were able to reach the hotel in the dead of night and went straight to bed as the next day was the actually wedding reception at night.

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