Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The End of Iraq War

Finally the unpopular Iraq war has come to a close. After nine years and almost 1 trillion dollars in tax payers’ money. We have left Iraq not out of our choice but because the Iraqis did not wanted to give immunity to U.S. soldiers if they did something wrong. But anyway it is good that we are out of it and now we can concentrate on one war (which right now we can barely afford). That is a nasty one since it will be more lengthy and it is more backward than Iraq ever was. But once again Iraq is much better than at the start of the war although the sign of sectarian flare-up can never be discounted. But it is now up to Iraqis to decide if they are going to fight among themselves or live a life of coexistence peacefully among different sects.

Although there has been lots of up and down in the Iraq War, nobody thought that the U.S. will leave Iraq with its entire troop out of the country. After this unnecessary war, we (the people) should make sure that we are not sucked into another war just because we don’t like their government because it is the people who have to decide what kind of government they want. Even so if the people are incapable of doing that, we should encourage moral and political support without committing our troops to the venture because we cannot sustain another war nor we do wish to have a regime change which will never be totally Pro-American. We should learn from our war history and let the people choose their own form of government without our overt interference in their affairs. This is the lesson we should learn from the Iraq War.

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