Sunday, December 18, 2011

Checking things before buying-2

But as people become increasingly comfortable with shopping online and an increase in free shipping, people have started to buy a majority of stuff online which they were previously shopping in brick and mortar stores. But one thing still remains regarding buying things; it is all about the human interaction and face to face communication that is lacking in online sales. Although you can talk to a person and even see their faces but to have a face to face conversation in person is lacking and that still haunts the internet place. The prices maybe good but I still see a lot of people in malls and stores buying things which could have been easily brought online like for example. You can easily buy toys online but in store the smiling and laughing faces of the kids playing (or test driving) different toys is lacking on the internet.

Personally I am attracted by the low prices and the convenience that the internet provides, but if I want something in a hurry or just browse some stuff in a store, I would not hesitate to make that journey and feel and touch the stuff and even buy it if I can't wait for the delivery guy to drop by my house. It is just the connection that a human being have with the physical location of a store that is attractive to me and also the feel that I am surrounded by a variety of things that I may have not intended to buy but just buy it out of impulse is quiet attractive to me. Household items are also something I would rather go to a home improvement store and buy by myself rather than wait for it to be delivered at a time when I may not be at home. So different people may a list of things they would rather check in person before buying.

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