Sunday, December 18, 2011

Our broken, Stalled Government

We are back to square one. I mean the threat of a government shutdown is again looming due to the divergent interests of the two major political parties and in this situation the ordinary system gets squeezed. Although we call our government representative of the people but the way the politicians have been behaving lately is nothing short of pathetic. Nothing gets done unless one party or the other party gets something for their own interests. Take for instance the holdup for the extension of the payroll cut deduction and extension of the unemployment benefits, it is being held up due to the price tag and also due to one party wanting to get something in return. Although right now the parties have woken up to the monster of Federal debt but when they were voting for the pet projects nobody thought about how we are going to pay for it.

The economy has not improved as hoped by the government and even throwing in more stimulus (which is another name for payroll cuts and unemployment extension benefits), it is not going to improve much before the election. If you don’t believe then you should take a look at Europe and see for yourselves. But in this time of crisis instead of joining ranks to help people, all the politicians are doing is holding up the government hostage to their interests and creating uncertainty in the markets. Even if we have a government of one party it will still be a broken stalled government because this is what the democracy we have chosen ourselves and unless truth and sanity prevails we will be subjected to this kind of partisan bickering.

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