Thursday, December 22, 2011

Is hacking into computers that glamorous?

Although hacking into computers have been going on as long as the computers have been around, but lately it has become an epidemic and the hackers proudly announce it to the world that they can hack into any system and disrupt it. Although sometimes their intensions are purely to test the system, but sometimes they are hacking criminally to hijack and steal the identity of innocent victim. Whatever is the case, I don’t find it quiet amusing that the hackers think that it is very glamorous and prestigious to hack into any computer and disrupt it. Maybe it is fun for them but for the millions or even thousands of victim who have entrusted their identity and sometimes funds to institutions getting sometime stolen by strangers is very disturbing and upsetting.

Instead of wasting their time on this frivolous activities where the end game is the destruction of somebody innocent's lifesavings or identity, why don’t the hackers put their talent to use and contribute to the society by starting businesses and startups and help the economy and hire people . I for one would be creating many companies if I had the expertise in computers and help the less fortunate by donating to different charities and helping out the community in general. But that is me and despite all the effort, there will always be some people out there who would always find immense satisfaction in disrupting the life of innocent people.

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