Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The Wall Street Protests

What started as a protest against Wall Street bankers and corporate greed and quickly became a national and international phenomenon has now almost fizzled out without achieving its goal. But wait what was its goal to start with? I was fortunately (or unfortunately whatever you want to call it) close proximity to that famous Zucotti park where they were protesting but never had the opportunity to pass by them. Anyway what was the reason that the protest was organized since most of the people who were protesting against corporate greed and Wall Street bailouts were in fact patronizing them one way or the other. Can you ever get rid of Wall Street and Corporations; I highly doubt it since they have becomes so much intertwined in our lives.

Even when we are saying that we are not going to support corporations and Wall Street, we are inadvertently doing it by buying their stuff from stores and putting money in banks which may be related to Wall Street. It was the wrong area to protest since it is the politicians and the lobbyists that they should be protesting since they make the laws and approve bailouts. Even the mom and pop stores buy their products from big corporations. The eating, drinking, sleeping, wearing and buying houses are loosely tied to the corporations and the banks. So in order to change and protests, Wall Street may not be the right place. If a protest is what they want then they should be influencing their Congress men and women to change laws and support the everyday person.

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