Sunday, December 18, 2011

The matter of religion in Elections

Now that the Election season is in full swing, once again we are faced with the candidates religion affiliation. Everybody is not of mainstream religion is being targeted and each candidate (or at least their supporters) are casting the other candidates religions credentials as dubious. I don’t really understand that since when the religion have comes to symbolize a candidate's electability to the highest office. If the oath is to uphold the constitution, why is a candidate's religion sect or affiliation targeted. The constitution clearly states that in the First amendment that there is Freedom of religion. It does not say that there is Freedom of religion only if you Christian, all others will not be eligible to the highest office. Other thing is that even Christian candidates have stumbled badly in their years of office and evoking God for their decisions does not absolve them of their free will decisions.

My point is that trading accusations about one religion being a cult or not enough Christian would not solve this country's problem one way or the other. Religion is a personal matter and in this country it should not be brought into public or consider a hindrance to the highest office because history if full of people who have been very religions but yet ultimately were flawed human beings who made terrible decision and ultimately other people suffered because of it. So the eligibility of the candidates should be based on their sound policies to guide this country. This country is a democracy and it should not be turned into Theocracy.

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