Friday, December 23, 2011

Money does not buy everything but it sure helps a lot

Ah that classic saying that Money can't buy everything and it is true to a point. You can't buy love or affection with money and countless other examples like honesty, health. But it sure helps if you have enough money to enjoy. It is true that you can't buy love but you sure can take your date out to a nice dinner and have a nice wedding. You can't buy health but you can surely have the best medical facilities to take care of health. Money can't buy you a good mind but it sure help you hire a good tutor for your kid to excel in SAT and in numerous other entry exams. You cannot bribe an officer when you get ticketed as it is against the law, but you can hire a good attorney to represent you and get you a good hearing instead of relying on court appointed ones.

Money can pay your bills and afford you a nice life style and it can help you have a comfortable living. It also helps that you are not constantly stressed out about have less money. And again since this economy has affected everybody guess what people are stressing out about , of course it is the so called scourge of "Money" that people without jobs or having more debt are complaining about and wishing if they had enough money to ride through this turbulent and stressful financial times in their lives. So all I can say in the end is that having Money sure helps a lot in one's life.

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