Saturday, December 17, 2011

Is the American dream fading?

Once upon a time, the American dream was alive and kicking. People owned homes, their incomes were increasing and the opportunity for higher education was plenty. But lately since the great recession of the early 21st Century, these dreams are either fading or are completely out of reach for millions of Americans. People are losing their jobs and thus their homes to an increasing bad housing market, the incomes are either stagnant or just not increasing due to the global and local competition and the higher education is being subject to more fees and less financial aid or if it is available then the students are going to deeper and deeper debt to see their degrees are not want the actual market wants to hire or need.

Pessimism is all around and no political party has the right ingredient to rally the nation to new heights again. In fact they are mired in partisan bickering and spending too much money on defense when we need the money right here and not promote regime changes and protect supposedly utopian interests abroad. The global market has become increasingly competitive and the companies need not be based in a particular country to reap the rewards of profit. Profits follows where are there are low taxes, stable economy and opportunities to grow without much regulation. But all this seems is getting lost on the politicians. Also it is the fault of us people too that they have been too complacent and dependent on the so called experts to guide them through this financial mess.

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