Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Supposed allegations against corporations

Since the corporations started, there has always been accusations hurled against it that they are greedy and heartless and they just care about the money aspect and the community in which they serve is just a vessel for them to earn more profits while contributing little to society. But why are these allegations true that the despite all the hatred people still want to work for one and we buy stuff from them even while hating them in the process. A corporation is made up of people who work for shareholders of the company. Usually if the company is publicly traded, all the shareholders want is the company is well managed enough to earn them enough money so that they can profit from the increase in the shares. Even if they are not publicly traded, one of the main reason for it to survive is to make money.

If it is losing money, then there is no point of its existence. But corporations are made up of people and it is the people who run them according to the wishes of their shareholders mostly and their owners if it is privately held, but they do exist to earn profit. Now the question is despite the hatred why do we keep on applying to these corporations even if we hate them to their guts. The truth is we don’t hate them enough to severe our ties with them completely. We live, eat and breathe corporations daily even if we don’t know we are doing so regularly.

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