Sunday, December 18, 2011

Checking things before buying

Although the internet has created a very different market for products since you can only see the picture and order the item online blindly ( I have done it too) but for some things I would rather check in person then to trust in some picture blindly . And I am sure there are some people out there who would do the same .That is why you are seeing that despite the fact that people are in increasing numbers ordering things online, Black Friday every year is a huge success (even for a few days) and people still want to get their hands on to a particular product right away. I can provide you with a list of things that I would rather test drive (or you can say see in person) before I buy or order online.

The first thing is a car, although cars are now being sold online but still you have to test drive the car. You can check the prices, comparison shop. find history of the used car, see different models, go to different websites but ultimately you would have to go a dealer, haggle price with him (or her) test drive the car and only then you can decide if you really want that car. Same thing is with shoes, although I know my size but I still want to try it before buying it (although various shoe websites are out there where people order shoes online without hesitation or reluctance and without trying).

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