Thursday, December 22, 2011

Sharing household chores

When you are a family (any kind of a family) there is an implicit agreement that you are supposed to do your chores. Even little kids are taught that they have to do their chores like making their beds, putting dirty clothes in their place, organize their toys etc. As an adult you are supposed to share household chores with significant other. Any kind of chores which reduces the burden on your significant other is a welcome sign and contributes to a happy household. It is not just me that is saying but studies have concluded that indeed that is the case and I have done that and got appreciation. Maybe not all of the men or women do equal amount of chores around the house but an overwhelming majority do that.

For example, my duty is to take out the garbage and doing laundry (which to say the truth I enjoy it), but besides that I do numerous other little chores which may not be significant enough but as I said before every little help counts. Children should be taught from an early age to take care of their stuff so that they can assume responsibility and help you lower your stress level. Apart from this, if you are going on a vacation and everybody helps out it speeds up the time you can pack your bags and you can enjoy more of the time vacationing rather than putting burden on a single person. Anyway the next time you are trying to avoid sharing household chores, just think about if everybody avoids it then the whole household will be in chaos.

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