Thursday, December 22, 2011

The face of owners on corporations

Okay everybody knows that the corporations are started by individuals who then become the founder, Chief Executive officer and sometimes the chairman of the board if they are a public company and if a private company then they can skip the chairman of the board part. But some owners become so much tightly associated and recognized as the face of the corporation that anything goes wrong with the health of slight hint of misstep by that owner results in disaster for the company as a whole. If they are public company, their shares can drop or rise by the slightest hint of any activity by the owner since they are the brain behind the corporation. Although it is nice those individuals can have so much power over their corporations but this can end in disaster if their no succession plan in place or the markets perceive that the corporation can become handicapped without the owner.

I believe that the owners/founder should try their best to promote their corporation's brand and try to dispel the notion (if there is any) that the corporation's future is tied to that of the original owner. If the owner/founder wants to make sure that the corporation survives anything that happens to the founder then it is really imperative that he/she work behind the scenes including outsourcing different responsibilities to people other than him/her but keep a close eye on the activities of his corporation in order to make sure it does not deviate much from the vision he/she has when he/she originally founded the corporation. This way if he/she dies or transfer the ownership to other people the market can rest assured that it will survive without the original founder influence.

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