Thursday, December 22, 2011

The Supposed allegations against corporations-2

Even the small businesses whom some people support against big corporations buy their stuff made by corporations. Corporations are a fact of life and it is hard to wean ourselves from them when we wear clothes made by corporations, eat stuff made by corporations sleep on beds made by them and even live in houses where most of the materials are made by them. There is always a choice that if people don’t want to work for one they can do that but how are they going to survive since even small home business need to tap into the huge economies of scale that the corporations use to provide us affordable stuff.

Although sometimes it is frustrating that corporations does not give a damn about the jobless or are heartless when it comes to community service and we keep on rallying corporate greed but in fact it is actually the people who are running the corporations who are the real face of them and they are behind the greed or you can say the profit which are mandated to increase and give it back to their shareholders. Even the people who rally against corporate greed have their pensions and other retirement accounts put into a mutual fund which is of course the stocks of corporations. So unless we can find another way to live our lives, we will have to deal with the so called "devil" that we know.

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