Saturday, December 17, 2011

Droning the terrorists

The United States have come to increasingly rely on unmanned aircraft to eliminate and spy on the terrorists in different countries of the world. Not only was this but a recent news that we are also using here in the U.S. for aiding border agents in their endeavor to secure the border. For the domestic security there may be concern about privacy invasion but no such hesitation exists when using outside the country. In fact after using to increasingly effectiveness in the lawless tribal areas of Pakistan where the drones have eliminated many terrorists, the drones have been expanded to Africa where the new breed of terrorists is being targeted. Although initially I was opposed to the use of the drones as it violates the sovereignty of a country but now I have to come to appreciate its effective in the war against terror.

Sovereignty is established when you have the writ of the government anywhere in the country but if you don’t have it or just looks the other way or for whatever reason, you have no sovereignty if you can enforce your laws of the land on a particular area and here the drones are like in international airspace. They are effective because it minimizes the loss of life of the country which is operating and it eliminates the terrorists. But here a point is to be made is that if you are at war, there will always be civilian casualties so to pretend that the drones can only kill the terrorists would be absurd assumption. Right now this is the latest in the technology of the war and we should use it if it means fewer casualties (no matter on what side).

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