Thursday, December 22, 2011

The psychology behind coupons

Have you ever thought about what's goes on the business owner mind when they decide to offer coupon effectively to reduce the price? It is just playing mind games with the consumer since it makes the consumer feel good about themselves that they got a good deal and saved some money. Believe me I have the same feeling but I have been playing this game very long (and I guess you have too) to figure out when it is time to play the coupon game and when it does not. Sometimes you can get the same product or services without getting in the hassle of cutting the coupons or waiting for the time when the coupon is offered. As the popularity of the coupons reach feverish levels, a number of websites have cropped up to make some money out of this craze.

Television shows have been created which revolve around ordinary families saving ninety or more percent on their grocery shopping. Although you can say that saving money by way of coupon can be addictive but you have to be dedicated coupon clipper along with organization and enough time to snarl those deals. But even if you are saving money, it is just another way for businesses to market their business and they can expense this as a marketing cost. The main psychology behind using coupons is to save money and get the product for less than its normal price but what is the normal price is the question. The businesses don’t exist to lose money so even when we think we are saving money, the businesses are still raking in the dough.

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