Thursday, December 22, 2011

Rewarding your employees

You know it is that time of the year when most of the employers start the evaluation process. A recent article said that some of the company has done away with the annual evaluation. But every employee whether evaluated or not think that they deserve to get something (despite the economy). How do you reward your most creative and productive employees while trying to keep the normal one happy. You can either promote the most productive ones and give some raises to the normal ones (such as the cost of living adjustment) but you can also ask them through a survey what they crave most this year as a gift and then depending on the price of the gift either pay full or pay a portion of it.

A promoted employee is already happy with a new job and a raise. But if you are unable to afford to give a promotion or a raise due to whatever reasons, you can give them a computer or some gadget, a gift card or a reservation in a small hotel just to let them know that you appreciate their services and have not forgotten them even though the times are tough. And it is not only that you can reward your employees at the end of the year but you can do that throughout the year which can put much cheer and happiness's on the faces of your employees. Rewarding your employees need not be expensive or elaborative but should be good enough to have an appreciation of their contribution to the growth of your company.

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