Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bullying of all kinds

Nowadays an increasing number of articles and news are coming out regarding bullying. They are mostly in the context of school or college kids bullying some vulnerable kid into committing suicide or scaring them for life by making them retrieve into a solitary world. But if you see around, a kind of silent bullying keeps going on daily. Husbands or wives bullying each other to do things which they don’t want to. Big and economically and militarily powerful countries bullying (putting pressure) on small countries to guard their interest. States bullying their citizens with higher taxes and the like. But although a lot is being said about how bullying destroys kids lives or even drive them to suicide. There is a tacit approval of other kinds of bullying.

Since we believe that grownups and small nations can and have more capacity to withstand or tolerate bullying, but this does show up in the newspapers that it can also kills unknown number of people through various means, but it is not reported or if it does it is not in the context of bullying but of mutual agreement of the two parties. But how do we know it is a mutual agreement and the sufferer may be suffering in silence. We need to tackle every kind of bullying and highlight it instead of concentrating on one while the silent majority suffers without anybody to turn to.

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