Thursday, December 22, 2011

Bad luck, bad circumstances or bad policies

Ever since the recession started in 2008, the new President has been beset with problem. Although most of the people still blame the previous President's policies for the current mess, but President Obama has to not the only one to be blamed. Although he can provide leadership but we had a good six to seven years of fun riding on huge piles of debt since 9/11 and the biting would have been very nasty. But even the so called economists have been surprised by the current depth of the recession. There is no one consensus for whose is to blame for the ongoing unemployment and slow recovery. It is either bad luck, bad circumstances or just bad policies, no two opinions have been the same.

I believe that it is the combination of all of the above, he had a bad luck and bad circumstances that he inherited a devastated economy fighting two wars and then the financial crisis exploded here in the U.S. and then in Europe (which is still ongoing), but bad policies are also contributing like over regulation, uncertainty about taxes, not providing enough leadership so that he can keep unity or at least working relationship with Congress. He should stop the impression that the Democrats are only here to tax and spend and listen to different policies and not what is near and dear to him even if it wrecks havoc with the economy. But it is easier said than done since I am not the President and I don’t know how much pressure he is in so I can only give my opinion. But he has the power to change things and if presented to the American public convincingly, he can get his way.

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