Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The Third Death Anniversary of My Father’s Death

Today is the third year when my father departed for the hereafter. It is really hard to imagine that I am without a father for the last three years. I loved him dearly and he loved me dearly too. We were not the best of buddies but it was more like a father and son relationship and I was extremely close to him. I miss his laugh and his talk and his anger and just his presence used to make me forget things and make me feel comfortable. Now I have been without his comfort and his advice and his wisdom for the last three years and I still can't imagine that he is gone. I am also a father now but I still miss my father a lot too and still refuse to believe that he is gone and always talk about him in the present tense.

I try to do as much as possible to keep his memory alive and think about him every day. I am sure my sister misses him too but the effect that it had for me I don’t know if it has the same effect on them. Well everybody grieves in their own way and I have my own way to grieve. May he rest in peace and may his presence keeps on influencing me and may his memory be kept alive for ever. I love you dad.

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  1. two years back i had lost my dad,and those few words remind me his memory deeply.