Sunday, January 22, 2012

Selling weapons in destabilizing area

I don’t really get this recently the U.S. concluded two arms deals worth USD 30 Billion with Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates in an area described as the most dangerous conflict zone in the world. What was the administration thinking in this deal? The plausible causes that have been mentioned are that it will create/maintain many thousands of jobs at a time of high unemployment and election year politics and the next one is to protect them against the weapons of Iran. First I can understand it although it can hardly be an excuse but it maybe since the U.S. defense budget is shrinking thus threatening thousands of jobs a good big defense deal with countries that have the means to pay it makes sense. But the next one does not make much sense, by bolstering the so called defenses of its allies; the U.S. will force Iran to do the same by hook or by crook.

And I don’t remember the last time; these two countries have a full blown war with anybody else. The most they did was to fight Iraq in the first Gulf war along with mostly western troops and Saudi Arabia did fight Yemen a while ago which lasted not even a few days ago. It is just that they have money to blow and wanted to oblige the U.S. and the U.S. in turn wanted to show Iran that you will have to fight its allies pitting the poor Muslims against poor Muslims. These weapons would be of no use if their own population would rise against them and then it will either be used against the same regime buying them right now or against Israel. Either way it is a bad deal even if it involves thousands of jobs in the U.S.

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