Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The World beyond the United States

Since I live in the United States it is natural that I blog about what is happening in this country, but it does not make me oblivious to the major world events which affect us since now we live in a small world and anything that affects one part of the world can have repercussion all over the world. Although the impact may be felt in slightly different degrees but it does have an impact. Right now the European crisis is engulfing not only the European Union but its affect are being felt worldwide because it is the single richest consumer market and its problem have impact on Asia, Africa, America, South America and Australia. Similarly any blow up in the tensions in the Persian Gulf between Iran and the United States can have the potential of disrupting the lives of major nations since one fifth or one sixth (depending upon which statistics you believe) passes through that region.

Another area of concern is the Afghanistan-Pakistan region where the Taliban insurgents are battling the NATO and U.S. forces and also the Civilian government is clashing with the Powerful military to gain control over the fate of that country. North Korea is another unpredictable area where we have to keep an eye on since it is also the most destabilizing nation which keeps on edge South Korea, Japan and somewhat China. So despite the U.S. being far away from these hot spots anything that happens there can have an economic as well as a security impact on us.

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