Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Recycling Industry of Hollywood

Really here I am talking about the why we keep on seeing sequels, prequels, threequels and more and remakes and updates on technology on old and not so old movies. Just when I thought I have seen a movie and am done with, there comes a sequel or a prequel or a remake and then by nature of my habit have to watch it and generally it is either a rehash of the old movie or they make it in 3D or just give it a bigger budget to make people come to the theater. But really is Hollywood running out of ideas that they have to do this. Another scary trend is of breaking up the movies into two to make twice the money with the same concept.

Although I can understand that maybe the book on which the movie is based on is too long for a single movie but you can do that with any script and expand it to make it into two parts. For example in a horror movie, even if the evil is dead it just keeps on resurrecting in sequel after sequel and when you think that it is the last one, yet another pops up after a couple of years. It is a lucrative business that people want to be scared but come on you can scare them with different plots and stories instead of the same old story changed with minor details and updated technology. I wish there are new writers or at least new risk takers and the Hollywood people go outside their usual sources and tried formula movies to explore something different and new.

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