Monday, January 23, 2012

The Year 2011 in review-2

And there was the Iranian nuclear crisis, which keeps on lingering and swinging back and forth. The Iraq war finally ended and U.S. troops left that country on its own mercy and struggle. Afghanistan war is seeing no end in sight, although the troops are suppose to start coming back by Year 2014 (we do hope so). Economy got a little better but still far from the pre-recession levels. Then there was the famous Occupy Wall Street Protests, which started as a form of protest against Wall Street greed and quickly spread to different cities of the United States and the world (and still going on somewhere).

Other news maybe of minor consequences but they still impacted our lives one way or the other. We sincerely hope that the New Year brings much needed jobs and other joys to people's lives and fewer wars. But now this is election year and by the looks of the candidates (I will put another post for that), it is going to be another four years for the Democrats in the white house (unless the economy goes south or even in that case, we don’t have credible alternative).

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