Monday, January 23, 2012

The unexciting lineup of presidential candidates

Election season has started and the usual suspects of the Republican candidates are trying to outdo each other with threats, promises and going overboard in their extremist’s ideology just so that they can get nominated. It is just plain disgusting to know that they want to send back troops to Iraq (like it is a U.S. states) threaten war with Iran (like it is a small U.S. town), exclude or label some minority group as not being American enough and going all the way to reverse many policies of the current President. Are the Republican Candidates sleeps walking through this situation where the country is literary out of money and heavily in debt and they still want to keep the defense budget sky high but slash every other social welfare program in sight?

To be fair, I am not a Republican or a Democrat or an independent but promising things when you don’t know what is going on in the world is the worst thing to do to your candidacy. And it is not only the candidates but the people who are desperately trying to believe that everything will be fine and we will be utopia land one of these candidates gets elected. There is Congress to be contend with and frankly speaking the world has changed since dramatically with the last two decades and it won't be the same flush welfare checks and programs and huge defense budgets that we have become accustomed too. The lineup right now of the Republican candidates is just that a line and even if I was Republican, I would be very unexcited about it and sit out this election as none aspires me or excites me about their same old programs and policies.

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