Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Happy and Prosperous New Year

All New Years starts with congratulatory good wishes for the New Year and wishing that the coming year will bring them more joy than they had in the last year but since nobody knows about the future, it all ends with wishes like good riddance or it was a tough year. But we as a human being have the tendency to keep our hopes alive and see things in the future as better than what we went through. Since the future is unknown it is kind of a nice feeling to think that we will have a jolly good time. But as the years progressive we come to realize that our past is/was much better than the present and maybe sometimes future too.

What I am blabbering about here is the fact that we should enjoy the New Year with good wishes and try to strive to make our lives much than what we had last year due to whatever reason. And for that we should all have a Happy and Prosperous (hopefully) New Year with plenty of jobs, no new wars, may the best person win the election and continued tax cuts and extension.

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