Sunday, November 25, 2012

The tip dilemma solved?

Eating in a restaurant and then coming up with the right percentage of tip is a dilemma I am sure many people have faced. It is really frustrating to see that your bill comes out to for example $25.62 and then you scramble to figure out how much to pay for tip. Is it 10 percent, 15 percent or 20 percent we don’t know? Everybody has a standard criterion for how much to pay but it is pretty much a standard that you add on 15 percent to your bill total. But here again, without a calculator you are trying to mentally calculate how is that 15 percent comes out and then out of frustration you give a rough figure so that it comes out to be a nice round figure.. If you are paying by credit card, that is how it comes out but if you are paying by cash you just toss five dollars and that takes care of the tip. But lately I have been noticing an increasing trend towards getting your check with gratuity included so that you don’t have to calculate. It just eliminates a headache of how to calculate the tip that you are going to pay. Another way is that since some of the people pay 10 percent and some pay even less than that depending upon how the waiter has behaved with you, it just eliminates the choice that you will add a tip or not to your check. But still you can notice that apart from the mandatory gratuity of 15 percent, there is still a line with the tag TIP so that you are allowed to pay for the extra ordinary service, otherwise you can opt out not to add anything since the gratuity is already included. But I like this thing that if they are giving you a check with gratuity included, one less headache to deal with and you don’t get embarrass yourself by paying too little a tip on the table. I believe it is a win win situation for both the restaurants and the patrons.

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