Thursday, November 8, 2012

On the lighter side-Travel- Paradise Island, The Bahamas

This year we decided to take a plunge to the Caribbean island nation of Bahamas. After all the packing and reaching at the airport on time, once we were in the plane, the plane was delayed for an hour but the pilot was gracious and humorous enough to keep us updated about when the flight will leave. After about an hour on the tarmac, the plane decided to depart and we reached Bahamas after two and a half hours of flying time. After a smooth immigration and checkout, we were blasted with a hot wind of the Caribbean. Our Hotel bus came in time and we boarded the bus. We went through small roads and saw Atlantic Ocean only a few feet away from us with clear blue water. There were luxury stores along with local stores. Our guide told us that it will talk at least half an hour to reach our hotel. Our guide showed us an under construction luxury hotel to be completed in 2014 at a cost of more than a billion dollars, since I believe tourism is the biggest industry of Bahamas. The entrance to the hotel was grand as the ceilings were very high and it was a huge one. The hotel named after the mythical country of Atlantis was grand on every scale. It is situated on Paradise Island in the Bahamas. The Hotel has several towers and ours was called Royal Towers with two wings, the East and the West wing, Our room was on the West Wing After the usual check in, we went to our room. The room was nice sized room with windows towards the rapids and the Atlantic ocean and the bathroom was good size with a disadvantage that the flush was adjacent to the rest of the bathroom (hate that) but no complains since we got the room at lower price because we went during off season. We started to change in order to go to the pool since we reached the hotel at 3.00 and the pools were supposed to close at 7.00 so we did not wanted to waste that time sitting in our rooms.

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