Thursday, November 15, 2012

The dating market

Despite all the troubles people get into with relationships, still the dating market is a huge one. Before internet, it was all about going to bars, night clubs, social gatherings and you get to know the person and then you date. But now there are so many options to date thanks to the internet. Huge dating sites have popped up, some free and some paid which promise you the heaven that they have the magic criteria to match you with your true soul mate. I have not tried it to find out if their algorithms or whatever you call it can make sure that you find the so called right one (more on it in the next post). But there are so many sites dedicated to finding your soul mate and everyone makes so outrageous claims that you really y have to try a few of them to find out if they are what they claim to be. Without going into details of what the dating sites are actually doing. These sites are not only confined to the U.S. but have spread around the world. A new variation is that you find your soul mate but then you have to meet their parents and other relatives and there is no dating involved except that it is faster to find them on the internet. This kind of variation is mostly found in Muslim societies (conservative or otherwise) where there is no mingling of sexes. Although it might seem awkward to the western audience but many have found their soul mates through this combination of dating/arranged marriage sites.

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