Friday, November 9, 2012

On the lighter side-Travel-Paradise Island, The Bahamas-5

Next day was the same routine except we had made arrangement to have a shallow interaction at a Dolphin Cay in the same resort. We were schedule to go at 2.30, after our time came up, we were asked to wear black bathing suits and told to watch a small video about Dolphins. After that our interaction with the Dolphins began. Our batch of people were divided into groups assigned to each trainer and then we touched the dolphins from back to front and also were asked to kiss the female dolphin on the face which was kind of weird. After about an hour of interaction and photo session, we changed back into our original bathing suits and went to the nearby shop to buy some souvenirs and pictures that were taken by the staff of the dolphin area. That night we went to Marina and ate at Johnny Rockets, a classic small scale restaurant where we ate Tuna and chips. There were other stores to look at but we just did window shopping. Then we went to eat Ice cream nearby at Ben & Jerry's. It had started to rain a little bit and so we decided to head back to our hotel tower. Hurricane Sandy was now in Cuba (after making a pit stop at Jamaica) and the winds had started to increase significantly. After going to sleep the next morning, we heard that due to strong winds and approaching Hurricane Sandy, the whole Hotel went under a lockdown, the airport closed from 7 A.M to 3.00 P.M the next day.

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