Sunday, November 25, 2012

Life is tough all over

As the title saying goes, it is indeed true when people say it. We can see people smiling or laughing but you don’t know half of what they have going on in their lives, Student loans, credit card debt, mortgages, tuition for their kids college, maybe daycare expenses, car installments, utility bills and the like are some of the things they have in mind and how to juggle and allocate their limited income to all of them so that their head is barely ahead of the bill collector. Then if you have kids you have to make sure, they are properly fed, entertained, schooled and to make sure they stay out of trouble. Helping them navigate through the rough part of their lives like their teenage years, the admission tests to colleges, their proms, every class tests are all part of your lives. Now you can also see if you lose your jobs, or in case of natural disasters, lose your house and belongings, sometimes you go through some tough medical problems which affects your finances which in turn affects your mental and physical health. The most stressful part of your life is when you lose your job and look for another one; it really makes it tough on you all over and your have to make sure you go through it without damaging your own health and your family in the process. I see it every day on the news how people survive against all odds, they may be limping on their life journey but they are trying but it is tough for us people to see who have everything necessary and we don’t realize how tough it is for some people to carry on with their lives. So when some people say that life is tough, you should believe them since it is indeed the truth.

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