Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Life before electronics

I know the younger and not so younger generation does not know anything about life before all the electronics that we have now and enjoy. Maybe it was a time of peace and quiet and pace of life was slow than now. People were not in a hurry to go somewhere and they did not wanted to be in a rush to get the latest news. Life was slow and maybe happy as the old-timers say, with less money making them happier and carefree but was it really that great to live in that era. I don’t know but it would have been hard enough for people of a younger generation. Telephone, television, washing machines, internet, radio, videos, cars, GPS and all the other electronics that we enjoy today would have made the life of people in earlier times harder or would it? I mean people did survive before the introduction of electronics, although I admit that the times were harder with too much power in few hands and less ability to be flexible in their lives and too much wastage of time. But it was a simpler time, where there were more face to face interaction among people and neighbors and more family time. Life was harsh but people were satisfied with what they had and were content with their lives. Now even with all the facilities and electronics at their disposal, there is kind of some restlessness that people have in their lives that they are trying to resolve through drugs and other means. So every era has its advantages and disadvantages and at no point in time, a human being will ever be satisfied with what they have.

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  1. I agree-- not on all of it-- but I agree.