Wednesday, November 14, 2012

The Election of 2012

While on the topic of Hurricane, when peoples' lives in the hard hit north east were rudely disrupted, it had to happen at the time of the Presidential election. There was quite a bit of uncertainty if the elections can be held properly in the communities that were destroyed but lo and behold, the elections happened on time and the President won it decisively. Although at one point, the challenger was ahead in the Electoral College vote but as the night went by, he lost the lead by a decisive margin. Now some people say that the challenger's thunder was disrupted due to the hurricane since there was wall to wall coverage of the destruction and ravages of the storm but now it is just sour grapes. Although the Republicans were pretty sure that they would win the election but some of the more conservative colleagues were deliberately trying to lose by saying statements hurtful or insensitive to women. I have no idea what has happened to the Republican party of Ronald Reagan, but it seems like they are drifting way apart from the mainstream America and are just trying to cater to their extremist portion of their party (FULL DISCLOSURE: I AM NOT A REPUBLICAN, DEMOCRAT, INDEPENDENT OR ANY OF THOSE LABELS, I AM JUST VOICING MY OPINION ABOUT THE ELECTIONS). The Republicans it seems like holding on to their super conservative White base of their party who are still living in the fifties. The world has moved on and we are no longer a creditor nation by a debtor one. While we can still project our military power but we cannot impose our western views or force other people to do as what we like them to do. Ours is becoming a Minority Majority and though most of the people are still conservative but they are not extremist in their values. All the money that was given to Republican candidates came out to naught making it seems like the voters care more about the policies and are not (yet) influenced by all the negative ads. It is time for the Republican Party to face the face and have a healthy debate of what they want to for the next election and how to reach voters of all races and moderate their views genuinely otherwise they will keep on losing elections since the demographics are changing faster than their policies.

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