Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Destruction caused by Hurricane Sandy

As I was saying in my previous post that I was in Nassau, The Bahamas when Hurricane Sandy hit us with Category 2 winds speed after we reached New York, we got hit by Sandy again with Category 1 winds. Fortunately since I was on vacation I did not have to go the office for a whole week so I was at home all the time and I was extremely lucky enough that I was in the part of town where the lights never went out. Although half of the town had power off for four days and a few houses down the block had power off for two days. But the devastation that I have been seeing and continue to monitor is really heart wrenching. Some of the people who have lost their houses have also lost tons of memory associated with it. It is really hard to imagine how it feels like to lose a home to natural disasters until you are in their shoes. In addition to the destruction, the part of rebuilding is going to be a huge one. The famed Jersey shore has been completely devastated (as you have already watched on Television). Even if the money is available there and the will to build it, would it be the same as before and would people see the shore the same way as they did before. Although this time around, there was ample warning that the Hurricane would bring tidal waves, not seen before in the history of New York or New Jersey and most of the people heeded the call to evacuate.

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