Thursday, November 15, 2012

The dating market-2

Then there is the Gays, Lesbian, Bisexual websites catering to that particular market. The internet has really expanded the horizon of dating. Then there is the websites for the cheaters and casual encounters and this whole new market has expanded beyond anything before us. In all this explosion of dating, one things remain the same, you have to meet the person physically go out with him/her and like a new car, test drive to make sure you are so called compatible and then you chose your mate. But as in the car, there is no guarantee that who you have chosen will be the same after Marriage or will last forever as in "death do us apart". But also the internet has made dangers lurking everywhere. Since there is so much anonymity on the net, you can present your best or hide your identity before you absolutely make sure it is safe to meet the person physically. But apart from the latest invention of the internet, people still go out to clubs, bars and meet someone in the office or meet through third party mutual acquaintances. I don’t know the success rate of both the online dating and the physical one (one and the same I guess since you have to meet physically) but it all depends upon each ones likes or dislikes and how much they can tolerate each other's habit in the long run. But there is always one thing to remember that people present their best side while dating and you would only know the true person when you are fully committed and married and are there for each other through thick or thin.

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