Monday, November 26, 2012

Are we really being environmentally safe?

That is the question; people should ask themselves while being supposed environmentally sound. For example for all the hoopla over being environmentally conscious, people don’t hesitate to jump on a plane, one of the most environmentally unsafe places to be. The fuel that it uses takes a big chunk out of the environment but we never think about banning it. Even there is no talk of a hybrid plane which can be fly on fuel and electric. Even the hybrid and electric cars are not enjoying that kind of popularity that the politicians and environmentalists had hoped for. We keep on charging our gadgets at home but I believe never unplug the plugs from the sockets since it is too much of a hassle. Now more than ever, we are using so many gadgets and other paraphernalia that environment is being neglected to the side lines since these gadgets spend to much energy which is again created by fossil fuel and other forms of unclean energy. The most precious but the most wasted natural resource is the water that is being used by billions of people and even in some places this precious resource is being polluted by toxic waste and human waste. We can preach all we want but when it comes to take a shower, we will spent countless minutes just to get a good shower even though we could have a shorter shower in the process. Although I acknowledge that some people are really trying to be conscious and sensitive about the environment by trying to do as much environmentally safe stuff as they can but they are just a minuscule part of the whole picture and their effort is lost in all this unconscious assault on the environment.

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